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We had a Super Second Day at Dannevirke!

We had a super second day at Dannevirke! Springfield won the 1.40m Speed, with Luego GNZ 2nd! On the Point Sandy was awesome with the fastest time just very unlucky last fence down! Slic Chic was speedy to win the 1.30, De Boss was 3rd and Eye Catcher 4th! Breeze Eve and Lucca all had the day off! The courses have been super here, the speed today was one of the nicest built speed classes I've jumped, flowing and created great jumping!

Could not be happier for Tash Brooks and Kapi taking out the World Cup Class with a super ridden clear round in the second round, only there 3rd World Cup start - superstars! We had a pretty super day also, Breeze was 2nd in the World Cup and Lucca 3rd. In the 1.35m Mini Prix On the Point Eve and Springfield had a very unusual dead heat in the jump off to finish 1st = Slic Chic and De Boss both also jumped clear first rounds. Eye Catcher was 2nd in the 7yo class and Dorothy 4th.

Looking forward to next weekend, the Final round of the World Cup Series in Woodhill. Thanks again to all our sponsors and everyone involved in our team. #dunstanhorsefeeds #tucci #butet #flexon #KEP #cyclossage

#breeze #luegognz #springfield #whisperingoaks #slicchic #deboss #dorothy #eve #tashbrooks

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