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A bit of a late update from the Whispering Oaks team after the most wonderful show at Aquis, Elysian Fields. But we have finally had time to relax this weekend!

Everything about the show was wonderful, courses both weekends were top class and the ground was perfect!

Huge thank you to Michelle and Pete for everything you do to put on such a super show, and also on a personal note for helping us out during the show even with you hectic schedules!

Thanks also to everyone that parked near us by the stables, Mum & Dad, Chris and Sandy Shore, Kaye & Maria - it was such a happy little group of nightly BBQs!

Huge huge thanks to Alice Barr & Ash Barnett for happily surviving the the whole time and taking such good care of the horses, 11 horses and 1 pony sure was a long tiring week! But we did it!

Mitavite is of course the best, and thank you for finding us sources close that could bring us more feed for our hungry tribe of horses!

Behind the scenes horse pictures uploaded as still haven’t got around to looking up all jumping pics!

We couldn’t be happier with how our horses performed.

CASEBROOKE LOMOND (Sparky) - Owned by Sheena Ross & myself. Sparky missed the first GP week 1 due to an Ulcer flaring up, he bounced back for week 2 feeling the best he has ever felt. He won the 2nd Gold Qualifier which was combined with the Corporate Teams event 1.50m class. Thank you to IRT for having us as part of your team! In the Gold Final which was 1.50m+ he had an unfortunate 4f in the first round, which I’m still kicking myself about, but he came back in the second round to jump a super fast clear to end up 5th over all in the Gold Final! Looking forward now to the Aus league of World Cups with him kicking off in July!

ON THE POINT EVE (Eve) - Owned by Jamie & Nicki Main Eve was a star all show, she was 7th with a double clear in the 1.40m the first week, she had 4f in the 1.50m GP and jumped super. Week 2 she started in the Silver tour, with a double clear for 5th in one of the Qualifying rounds and then finished up 3rd in the Silver Tour Final.

ESTEBAN MVNZ (Gherkin) - Owned by Mike & Carissa McCall Gherkin is definatly loving Australian life already, he had a couple of really easy classes to kick off week 1 at Aquis and then went straight into the Mini Prix first time in the main arena - it was a pretty tough track and he jumped an awesome double clear to finish 4th! He then was in the Silver Tour where he jumped really well, making the final on Saturday, it was a big track and we just had the first fence down by the screen and then he jumped the rest of the course perfectly!

CERA CARUSO (Elvis) - Owned by Mike & Carissa McCall Elvis was in the big classes week 1, he was jumping a super round in the 1.50m GP, late in the course just a couple of green mistakes but still tried his little heart out! Week 2 he did the Silver, unfortunately we missed out on Qualifying (I think there was 90+ starters in the Silver!) But he came out on the Sunday and loved flying around the 1.30m Speed derby - so much fun, he lead most of the way through the class until the final horse caught him and we finished up 2nd!

DORA - Owned by McVeans & Lauries Dora jumped some awesome rounds over much bigger tracks than she has seen, the trips to NZ recently have meant not quite enough shows on my 7yos here in AUS but she was so brave and Im excited to head to more shows on her soon! She also did come home with a win in the 1.30m Accumulator!

DANDELION (Dandy) - Owned by McVeans & Lauries Dandy also lacking a bit of mileage over the last 6 months, but was really good, she finished 4th in a Bronze qualifier and had an unlucky rail in the final! She is feeling scopey and definatly one I’m looking forward to bringing on over the bigger heights in the next year!

CHAMPAGNE NZPH - Owned by Nicki Main & myself Champagne is really impressing us this year, also with limited outings she has had, she always puts in her best effort every time she goes in the ring! Could not be happier with her jumping all double clears week 1 and then winning the 6yo FINAL in the main arena week 2.

DJANGO - Owned by McVeans & Lauries Django exceeded all our expectations after only just arriving from NZ as a very very green 6yo, he jumped some lovely double clears over the 2 weeks, we only started him in one 6yo class as he has not done so much, and then he was 6th in the Rising Stars Qualifier 1.15m.

The babies of the team - QUEEN BEE - Owned by the Shores, McVeans, Lauries CERA DIARA & CERA CHARISMA - Owned by Kerri Parker They all jumped some lovely rounds, we are so lucky to be able to go to the biggest show in Australia and still be able to take the young horses, to be able to jump them over lovely courses, gear and on super ground at such a big event really reminds me of my time at Spruce Meadows - the baby ring is where the future champions are made :)

Thank you to all the owners I ride for 💕 And thank you again to all the sponsors and supporters of our team!!

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