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Results from 2019 Aquis Champions Tour 🦄Casebrooke Lomond 🦄 1st Gold Qualifier 1 1.45m 1st Gold Final Champions 1.60m Lansing / Calido I Owned by Sheena Ross & Katie Laurie 🕺 Cera Caruso 🕺 1st 1.40m AM5 4th Silver Qualifer 1 1st Silver Qualifer 2 9th Silver Final 2nd Speed Derby Leading horse & lady rider over the 2 weeks Sire - Casall Ask Owned by Mike & Carissa McCall 🍊 Esteban MVNZ🍊 5th 1.35m Sire - Indoctro Owned by Mike & Carissa McCall 🏉 McCaw MVNZ🏉 1st Future Stars Sire - Corofino II Owned by Mike & Carissa McCall ⛄️ Elysium GNZ ⛄️ 1st 1.25m 5th Speed Derby Sire - Lansing Owned by Lisa Tennekoon 🐴Remarkable 🐴 4th Future Stars Sire - Ramierz Owned by - Holly Yang #poweredbymitavite #4cyte #tucci #whisperingoaksequestrian #butet #flexon #equifit #maddoxequestrian #equissage #cambridgecollection #equuslifestyle 

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