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Wow! We have now been in Calgary for 3 weeks and it has been non stop since we landed!

The horses all arrived and have had a nice rest, hopefully we will have our arena footing down next week and can kick off working them properly! For now it’s lots of hand or ride walking - the ground outside is frozen and very slippery and we have to be very cautious about putting them out yet.

I have been very lucky to be riding for Spruce Meadows, looking forward to jumping 3 at the show indoors over the weekend!

Jackson has been busy making sure everything at our place is getting sorted, which without all his tools that are in the container that somehow ended up in France 🤭 it’s been a bit of a headache! Container arrival is looking like April 3rd, be very excited to unpack our stuff! In the meantime living with the bare basics 🤣

Grace has started and loves school, and Royce starts daycare a couple of days a week on Monday.

Demie Allport is doing a fantastic job looking after the team with me away half the day, and very lucky to have Emily Stewart over for a while to help out with kids and horses and hopefully find time to get in some sight seeing!

We are aiming for our horses to jump in May, so nice time to settle in first!

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