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TOKYO 2021🍾

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

An absolute dream come true!

Cant really put into words exactly how exciting this is......


Sparky you are the dream, thanks for the trust to choose me as his person Sheena Ross, my parents for the unwavering support FOREVER!

Jackson Laurie for chasing these dreams with me all across the 🌎

There are SO MANY people who make things like this possible, I need to maybe sip a 🍾 !

Mike & Carissa McCall, Lisa Tennekoon, the entire Zoe Shore, Sandy Shore, Nicky Shore (Shore) family!

Ashlyn Cuku for joining our team last year and making out trips everywhere fun & successful but most importantly taking the best care of the horses!

Amanda Taylor for being the best friend and checking on / keeping an eye over everything at home!

Our legendary boarders who also help run the place when we are gone ❤️

Sooooo many other people I’ll get to, but we just have arrived home from Michigan to unload the other boys off the truck & then 🍾 time! 🇦🇺

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